About Me

Hi, I’m Murrah.  It’s short for a much longer name that no-one but me can pronounce anyway, so let’s just leave it at Murrah.

I make pretty things.

Pretty Things explosion

Pretty Things explosion

Hair fascinators, jewelry, paintings, Steampunk goggles, leather pants, a painted Rubik’s cube…  All Of The Things!

I ramble and wander, making whatever takes my fancy of the moment.  My repertoire has included everything from dresses to prop weapons, prosthetic fangs to jewellery made from sea-glass I found at the beach.  I’ve written short musical pieces that I hum and share with friends and full-length novels yet to be published.  I’ve made hordes of cute tails and a full fursuit.  I use clock-parts, bits of wire, fabric, feathers, beach pebbles, latex, glue, beads, silver wire and my fertile imagination to come up with the various and multitudinous creations that come out of my workshop.  This also means my studio is a chaos of materials and boxes, paper collections and odd things I find while walking in the forest and it’s kinda hard to keep my focus on just one or two things to make a living from, not to mention the ever expanding computer files of reference photos and stories.

I blame the ADHD.

But now, I’m getting focused.

That's my serious face.

That’s my serious face.


Yeah, I made the freaky lookin’ mask pictured above and hand-wefted the beard.  That sucker took me three days, but it was worth it…

Anyway, I had to decide on which of the many, many things I loved making or doing to concentrate upon and I decided I should be focusing on fursuits.  Back in 2009, I made my first heads for my wedding, and the outfits, too.  As you can see, the heads are a bit on the rough side.

My Mate and Me

Then, being a crazy dragon who likes a challenge, I jumped right into making a full fursuit for a character named Reese.

I call him “Reese’s Pieces”.

Later, I was flipping through a copy of Ornament magazine at a party, admiring more Pretty Things, when I saw it.  They’d done an article on Furry Cons, and out of the hundreds of costumes they must have photographed, they’d picked my first fursuit as one of the few to show!  *SQUEEEAL!*  Just so you know, Ornament doesn’t usually showcase things like the Furry Fandom: they’re more of a high-end glossy mag devoted to niche artisans who work in precious metals, glass or fabric.  You know, Art-Gallery stuff.  It seems our fabric creations are getting a name in the wider world as complicated works of art being made by skilled artists.  How awesome is that?  I know I cheered when I found that, one year, they had a full-colour, gorgeous spread of Qarrezel’s work, along with FatKraken (Kraken Kritters) and Beetlecat’s pieces.

…And me.  In a much later article not about me, but about Furry conventions, and only one photo “in passing”, but it hit me hard.  Mind.  Blown.


I was so embarrassed/chuffed.  I felt I could never top that..  So I started making tails, hundreds of them to sell at conventions.  And people loved those, too. *blush*

But, oh yeah, I need to focus on fursuits now.  *serious face*  So I made something pretty to challenge myself and prove what I could do.

Gryphon in Mating Colors

Isn’t he adorable?  He’s just a head for now, but whoever buys him can have a full suit made.

I took him to Califur 2014 and he got a lot of attention.  We couldn’t walk through the halls carrying him without getting stopped because people kept likening him to something from Jim Hensen’s creature shop! *double blush*

So if you like pretty, fursuity things, and want to give a fertile mind some challenging fuel, head over to my commissions page and we’ll talk.  😀